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Here's Andrew "Beef" Johnston teeing up and exploding a hamburger

July 04, 2016

John Daly's graduation to the Champions Tour this spring was a somber moment. JD was a maverick, a bad boy for the blue-collar folk of America. He brought color and levity to the buttoned-up, rigid tenor of golf. When Daly moved on, a void was left, one I worried would never be filled.

But from this darkness, a superhero has emerged in the form of Andrew Johnston, a secret identity akin to Bruce Wayne or Clark Kent. Because the world knows Johnston by another name: Beef.

You may remember Beef from promising to get bombed after winning his first professional tournament, a vow he kept. And if such party pledges haven't won you over, well, here's a provocative photo of Beef with a hamburger on a green:

Johnston might be British, but if there's a better way of celebrating America than a man named "Beef" laying on a golf course admiring a hamburger, I don't know it.