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Here's a way to look at the various golf entities Donald Trump has insulted on Twitter

October 24, 2016

The New York Times on Monday produced an impressive list of the"281 People, Places, and Things Donald Trump Has Insulted on Twitter." It is a remarkable compilation, covering everything from NBC's Chuck Todd's "sleepy eyes" to Super Bowl 50's entertainment value ("very boring") to Hillary Clinton's credibility (it's a long list).

Given Trump's prolific social media postings and his myriad golf ties, it feels like the game would be a popular topic. In fact, Trump has been so busy running for president that golf has receded as a primary target.

According to the Times list, golf has been only referenced a handful of times in his Twitter rants. There was a reference to President Obama's frequent golf dates, in particular his opting to play golf instead of surveying flood damage in Louisiana.

There was the spat he had with Samuel L. Jackson, in which Jackson said Trump cheated at the game, and then Trump fired back.

And there was, in an effort to pump up his own golf properties in Scotland and Ireland, a dig at Bandon Dunes.

All in all, pretty tame stuff, but bear in mind this list only covers Trump's Twitter activity since declaring his candidacy for president in June 2015. Not included was a memorable rant Trump had about Pinehurst No. 2 the year prior, in which he railed against the resort's stripped down, baked-out aesthetic for the U.S. Open.

Those were simpler times.