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Here's a hint of what Wie's value to the LPGA might be

November 19, 2009

Just how important Michelle Wie in a starring role is to the LPGA can't be appraised until we know that she can fulfill the role consistently and should she do so that enough time has passed to accurately gauge her impact.

But for a glimpse we need look no further than a charitable auction that was part of the pro-am party at the LPGA Tour Championship in Richmond, Texas, on Tuesday. The high bid to play a round of golf with her was $25,000.

It got the attention of new Commissioner Mike Whan. "I came in late and when I walked in, I noticed the bidding was up to $22,000," Whan said. "I asked somebody what they were bidding on and they said, 'They're bidding to play golf with Michelle Wie.'

"Now, that's star power right there. It's going to be a very exciting week, and it could be a very exciting couple of years."

-- John Strege