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Here are some pictures of the second hole, before and after Tiger Woods played it

HOYLAKE, England -- The second hole for the British Open course at Royal Liverpool is a 454-yard par 4 resting slightly out of the way on a plot of land on the eastern edge of the property. It runs parallel to the par-4 first, but limited crosswalks make it challenging to get to any decent viewing areas on No. 2, so spectators generally just jump from the first tee straight to the third hole.

An exception to this strategy, however, is often made when a big name golfer comes through. Because this year's British Open is Tiger's first major back since last year's PGA, I thought it would be fun to see how big the hole's crowd looked before Tiger played it, compared to when he was playing it. Here are the results; the pictures on the left were taken at just after 1:15 p.m., and the ones on the right were taken from the same spot just after 2:15 p.m., when Tiger's group was putting out.[#image: /photos/55ad7a24b01eefe207f6f1be]|||140718-tiger-before-after-518.jpg|||The top row of pictures was taken looking down the left rough about 100 yards away from the green. The bottom row of pictures was taken from just right of the green. As you can see, in each picture the stand completely fills out, and the gallery on the ropes swells to about three or four rows deep.