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Here are Jerry Seinfeld, Louis C.K. and your other favorite comedians talking about golf

September 03, 2015

Golf can be a funny game, which is why so many comedians -- famously, Bob Hope, Bill Murray and Larry David -- find it so intriguing.

One notable exception is David's former comedic partner, Jerry Seinfeld.

For his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee web series, Seinfeld compiled observations from past interviews on the topic of golf, and the segment is...well, enlightening. Be warned -- some of the material is blue:

This isn't the first time Seinfeld has taken a swing -- figuratively speaking -- at the sport.

"If you look at it, it looks like something the groundskeepers and caddies made up to get even with the old rich whiteys that can afford to play it," Seinfeld once told FOXSports' Jimmy Traina. It's like, 'OK, whitey, hit this little ball as far as you can, now go find it. We put out some fake sand boxes and puddles, so that you'll be cursing all day long.

"And then make sure you write everything that happened to you on this little first grade report card in suppository pencil."