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Henrik Stenson should medal at the Olympics -- provided he stops poking crocodiles

August 14, 2016

On Friday at the Olympics, David Hearn was told by a rules official to play quickly near a water hazard because of crocodiles. On Saturday, Henrik Stenson sought one out. Henrik Stenson is a wild man.

OK, so technically, it was a caiman, but that doesn't make the encounter any less dangerous. The reptile's scientific name is "alligatorid crocodilian." Does that sound like something you want to mess with? Didn't think so.

But there was Stenson, brimming with confidence since winning his first major championship last month, going out of his way on the 10th hole to make contact with one. Check it out:

And here's a quick clip of the encounter:

Turns out, Stenson even has a strategy for dealing with the creatures.

“A little tickle with a lob wedge. I thought it could handle that, if it would have been twice the size, then you probably need to go into the longer irons,” Stenson said after his round. “He wasn’t too big. He was facing the right way for me.”

Whatever you say, Henrik. It's your world right now.