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Kings Do King Things

Henrik Lundqvist making Brad Pitt look like a regular Joe is why they call him 'The King'

September 13, 2021

When your nickname is "The King," you better have a crown to back it up. Henrik Lundqvist, former goalie for the New York Rangers, unfortunately does not, allowing haters to pounce on the fact that he is "The King" without a crown.

But Lundqvist earned the moniker long before the Rangers were ever in serious Stanley Cup contention, not only because of his elite goaltending but because of his all-world looks and charm. The soft-spoken Swede had the perfect presence between the pipes for New York, and without him the franchise would have never had a chance for the bulk of his tenure as a blueshirt. 

Lundqvist, who recently retired due to a serious heart condition, never quite reached the pinnacle of the sport, but he is still "The King" whether the haters like it or not. Case in point, Lundqvist making Brad Pitt look like some regular-ass dude at the U.S. Open over the weekend:

Kings do King things. That is one beautiful man, and also an Oscar-winning actor in the bottom right portion of the frame. Oh yeah, there was some other actor there, too. Another guy just happy to be in Henrik's presence:

The blonde woman is his wife, Therese Anderson Lundqvist. Have a little respect for the King and Queen. 

By the way, did anyone even notice Jenna Bush was also in the frame? American royalty, Hollywood royalty and hockey royalty all within two rows of each other. The U.S. Open really brings out the stars.