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Help us caption this strangely fascinating photo

December 03, 2013



____*Photo by Geof Kern

What exactly is happening in this photo? Is he trying to chip into that vase? If so, is a wedge really the right play?

We can't make sense of it, which is why we're enlisting your help for creative captions. Some early suggestions:

*"This is the worst hole in the house. Who puts a fireplace there?!"

"Hey, Muffin, before I hit this shot: Do these pants make my ass look fat?"

"Waiting for your girlfriend's father: 'If this one goes in, I'm gonna ask to marry her. If I miss, one scotch and I'm gone.'"

"Could someone please tend the flower?"*

Surely, you can do better. Leave your caption below, and the best of the bunch might be featured down the road.