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He speaks the language of the stars

May 23, 2009

Shane Lowry has yet to hit a shot as a professional and he already has been reprimanded for using foul language at the 3 Irish Open last week.

European PGA Tour officials have asked him through his new manager, Conor Ridge, to tone down his language.

"I've asked Conor to advise Shane to be aware of the presence of boom microphones on the golf course at tournaments," David Garland, a European PGA Tour official, told the Herald. "I also pointed out, as gently as possible, that as a member of the European Tour, he's now subject to the General Members Regulations Guidelines, which all members sign up to when they join."

Lowry isn't the first to be so reprimanded, of course. At least two European publications cited the example of Tiger Woods, who on occasion has been known to utter an epithet that boom microphones picked up, believed to result in fines.

"Tiger Woods is said to put the most into the 'swear box,'" Karl MacGinty of the Independent wrote.

-- John Strege