124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Birdies and Bogeys

CHASKA, Minn. -- The final major of the season has just one round to go. Who flourished on Saturday? Who faltered? Let's take a closer look with another PGA Championship edition of birdies and bogeys.

Birdie: Drama -- Just when you feared the weekend here was going to lull you into a trance, an array of players have set the stage for the most intriguing Sunday of the season. Now if only you can wiggle your way out of that family picnic.

Bogey: Vijay Singh -- Paired with Tiger Woods in the third round, Singh's hopes of challenging his one-time sparring partner were betrayed by an almost laughably bad day with the putter. Well, laughable to everyone else, at least. Singh missed a three-footer for birdie on the fifth hole and from there, never recovered.

Birdie: Padraig Harrington -- Four shots back to start the day, Harrington clawed his way back into the mix with his 69, setting up another possible showdown with Tiger Woods Sunday.

Bogey: Padraig Harrington -- Of course, if the two do go head-to-head, it will have to be in a playoff, all thanks to Harrington's bogey on 18. That leaves Y.E Yang in the final pairing with Woods, and Harrington forced to catch the world No. 1 from in front. We know you're disappointed, Paddy. So are we.

Birdie: Getting the round in -- Dark skies, thunder and light rain for the last hour of play made the likelihood of some early morning play on Sunday a real possibility. But the bad weather held off and 54 holes were completed. If only Harrington could have finished as strong.

Birdie: Zach Johnson -- Well done young man, you had the only bogey-free round of the day. Nine pars to start, a birdie on 10, then seven more pars followed by a closing birdie. A lot of guys would have liked to have had that today.

Bogey: Readers of the St. Paul Pioneer Press -- Saturday's edition included the results to a poll question as to which player would you most like to spend a week with: Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, John Daly, Anthony Kim or Sergio Garcia. Hard as it is to believe, Daly won with 42.32 percent of the vote. Woods was second at 32.35 and Garcia, dead last at 3.25 percent. Daly over Woods? Come on, people!

Birdie: Members of the Winnipeg Railcats -- Five members of the amateur hockey team from Canada were wearing Team Canada jerseys and hockey helmets in the searing 90-plus-degree heat. They made the six-hour drive to Minnesota to watch Mike Weir, but with the 2003 Masters champ missing the cut, the object of their affection is now Stephen Ames. "Are you going to follow me all day?" asks Ames on the seventh tee. The boys acknowledge they are. Nicely done, eh?

Bogey: Fans who blatantly disregard the rules -- Amidst the mass of people who were following Tiger Woods, a woman could be seen flouting the rules by scrolling through her iPhone. OK, so what if that woman was Elin Woods? Rules are rules, right?

Birdie: Y.E. Yang -- Who? Get used to the name folks because this guy is no joke. The 37-year-old won at Honda, was T-8 at the Canadian Open and fifth at the Buick. And anyone who shot 67 at Hazeltine is no fluke. Only one other guy has done it all week. Yes, that would be Woods.

Bogey: Ernie Els -- For God's sake, man, just stop teasing us. Six under par for the tournament after 15 holes had us dreaming of a Woods-Els final pairing, but the Big Easy became the Big Teasy with a bogey-bogey-bogey finish. Next time just get it out of the way earlier, OK?

Bogey: Tiger on the par 5s -- OK, a little rough to throw a bogey on a guy who makes pars, but when you're Tiger Woods you're supposed to eat up the three-shotters, not make pars -- the first time Woods has done that on a par-72 course since the last round of the 2008 Masters. Want to know why his lead is no more than two? Here it is.

Bogey: ProBagAds.com -- Sorry, this is taking the endorsement thing just too far. Billed as "patented HD Sunreadable multi-media billboard systems located on the large storage compartment on the front of participating golf tour bags for one event or for an entire season," the company's first foray on tour is with Senior PGA Champ Michael Allen. Seeing Allen's bag rotate about 10 ads on a small screen on his bag was disconcerting at best. Fellas, this isn't NASCAR, it's not Yankee Stadium. Let's stick to embroidery when it comes to logos.

Compiled by E. Michael Johnson and Sam Weinman