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Hazeltine: 'Most boring, characterless golf course...'

August 18, 2009

Australian Matt Goggin has lambasted Hazeltine National Golf Club, site of the recent PGA Championship, in a column he wrote for an Australian newspaper, the Mercury.

"Hazeltine," he wrote, "is the most boring, characterless golf course I have played a major on.

"Usually the courses we play on are classics, some of the best courses in the country.

"The PGA has been the chief offender in choosing some dubious layouts to host its championship.

"Hazeltine has developed a reputation for being a great golf course but it's not a view shared by the players.

"The fact that it has hosted so many prestigious events suggests Hazeltine has some influential members."

At least he didn't call it a cow pasture.

-- John Strege