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Haven't we been through this before?

September 11, 2009

ARDMORE, Pa.--It felt a bit like deja vu, having Mike Davis, USGA senior director of rules and competitions, speaking to the media about wet weather at competition in the northeast (see Bethpage, U.S. Open). Still, despite with 2 1/2 inches of rain soaking the Philadelphia area over the past day (adding to 20 inches that has fallen the past three weeks), Davis was confident Merion GC's East Course would be in good enough shape to have the 42nd Walker Cup Matches start on time Saturday morning.

"Merion drains exceptionally well," Davis said, a refrain he used often at Bethpage. "

Like the 18th fairway at Bethpage, Merion does have one exception in terms of an area that's more vulnerable to weather issues: Cobb's Creek, which runs in front of the 11th green can be prone to flooding. Three times in the past three weeks the green has been submerged by high waters, once rising to 5 1/2 feet about the putting surface.

Davis lamented the rain's effect on a course after the way it was playing early in the week. "This course was just great," Davis said, describing it as "cripsy." "It was in ideal championship conditions."

The rain has a tangible impact on at least one aspect of the matches: the opening ceremonies set for Friday evening had to be moved to under the patio tent adjacent to the Merion clubhouse.

-- Ryan Herrington