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Have we reached peak Las Vegas with this new $100,000-a-night suite at the Palms?

March 06, 2019

Remember in The Hangover when Bradley Cooper convinced forced everyone's favorite bachelor party crew to spring for the fancy room at Caesar's Palace? That place was awesome. At least, until they wrecked it during a long night of shenanigans. It also only cost $4,200 a night. Why do we say only $4,200 a night? Because Las Vegas' newest hot spot goes for nearly 25 times(!) that.

After undergoing a $690 million renovation, The Palms Casino Resort now features a $100,000-a-night suite. Yep, that's $100,000. For one night. Actually, technically, you have to plunk down $200,000 because there's a two-night minimum stay. I'm not even sure Bradley Cooper has that kind of cash in real life.

As you can imagine, the Empathy Suite (Not the name we'd have picked for possibly the most gluttonous purchase in the world) is spectacular. According to KTNV Las Vegas, it is a 9,000-square-foot sky villa designed by world-famous artist Damien Hirst. So in addition to being treated to lavish amenities, guests are also basically staying in a museum. Of course, it would be a lot cheaper to bring a sleeping bag to the Met.

Anyway, here's a video tour of the opulent pad:

Highlights include a 13-seat curved bar, a terrace jacuzzi overlooking the Vegas strip, and two Master bedrooms, so you could go halvsies with another couple if you're trying to save a little money.


Not bad, but I'd still prefer the Palms' Hardwood Suite, because ball is life—even when you're on a Vegas vacation (Speaking of great movies).

Not surprisingly, the Empathy Suite is reported to be the most expensive hotel room in the world. Life goalz, am I right?