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‘Has any Australian golfer had a better year than Jason Day’s in 2015?’

August 31, 2015

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“How long until he becomes No.1 in the world?” Matt Murnane asks in this story in the Brisbane Times. “Of all the questions during Jason Day's commanding six-shot win at The Barclays, that is the one that occupies the Australian's mind more than any other, for we know how badly he wants it. And there are a couple of other questions worth asking right now, too. For instance, has any Australian golfer had a better year than Jason Day's in 2015?”



“In his own way, Ryan Palmer already has won. He has held the shock, the grief, the tears at bay following the death last week of his father in a one-vehicle accident,” Mark Herrmann of Newsweek writes. “He prevailed over his own sad thoughts by driving to the Plainfield Country Club for The Barclays every day and finding his haven on the course. He also has put himself into contention to earn his fourth PGA Tour victory, which he thinks would be a fine tribute to the late Butch Palmer, 71.”

Jordan Spieth’s stay atop the World Ranking was a short one, two weeks, as Rory McIlroy has regained No. 1. “There's a silver lining to this development, and not just for the guy losing the No. 1 spot, either,” ESPN’s Jason Sobel writes. “Continuous elbowing for the top ranking on a weekly basis might at least stoke the flames [of a rivalry] a little bit. If nothing else, such movement could serve as greater motivational fuel for the two young superstars.”

Only one more week remains before U.S. Captain Jay Haas has to fill out his Presidents Cup team, and it’s “going to test him,” USA Today’s Steve DiMeglio writes in this look at his options. “There are a lot of Americans who will have a say in the final outcome.” Among them? Haas’ son Bill.