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Has a more Boston thing ever happened than the lights going off at the Bruins game as the other team was about to shoot?

November 13, 2019

With news of the Houston Astros using technology to steal signs breaking on Tuesday, cheating in sports is a HOT topic right now. As embarrassed and disgraced as the Astros organization and its fanbase should feel, let's not forget who the kings of cheating truly are: Boston sports teams. No city's teams are more notorious for playing fast and loose with the rules, and no city's fanbases are more notorious for outcrying the other fanbases when they get a taste of their own medicine.

Now that I've triggered all of Boston and sent them straight to the "X out of this page" button, let's take a look at one of their teams' latest and greatest methods of cheating. Less than a minute into the second period of the Boston Bruins vs. Florida Panthers game, with the score tied at 0-0, the visiting Panthers started to find something on their power play. As the Bruins' penalty kill unit began taking on heavy fire, something very mysterious happened. Watch as Florida forward Mike Hoffman corrals the puck and gets ready to unleash a wrister on net:

Interesting. Must have just been a little malfunction. Surely, if the Bruins were on a breakaway at this very moment, the same thing would have happened. Nothing to see here!

Wouldn't you know it, the Bruins scored four goals in the second period after this to take a 4-0 lead into the third. Obviously, they went on to win with ease.

WAIT ...

/content/dam/images/golfdigest/fullset/2019/11/13/5dcc159e790fe50009f3e3d3_Screen Shot 2019-11-13 at 9.39.13 AM.png

Oh NOO!!! We regret to inform you that Florida scored four goals to tie the game in the third period, then ended it in a shootout for a 5-4 win, the largest comeback in the history of the organization. You simply hate to witness it. Almost like it was karma. Almost.