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Harvard loses after referee runs over wide-open player

March 15, 2018

Got to feel for those gritty, upstart Harvard boys. Despite earning the No. 1 seed in the Ivy League, the Crimson had to play their conference championship game in front of Pennsylvania's hometown crowd (an environment that helped translate to their close loss to the Quakers). But this rag-tag band had bigger issues than opposing fans in their NIT matchup against Marquette.

Down as many as 14 points in the second half, Harvard closed the deficit to a two-possession game with 30 seconds left. Following a loose ball, a Crimson player found himself wide open in the corner for three. Unfortunately, as the ball came his way, so did a referee:

Got to love the ref not only brushing off his mistake, but then having the audacity to add some jazz to his "Ball, Marquette!" signal. Somewhere, TV Teddy Valentine is smiling.

Still, got to feel for this cats. It's bad enough to lose in this fashion. Even worse when it happens in the NIT.