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Harry Styles casually stopped by Scotty Cameron's studio while on tour

July 13, 2015

What do famous musicians do when they're on tour in California? Go to Scotty Cameron's studio of course.

Harry Styles, One Direction front man, appeared in this Instagram photo Scotty Cameron put up before the band's concert in San Diego on July 10th.

The caption says Cameron was catching up with his 'old friend Harry Styles.' At first glance, it's tough to see how the two could be old friends, since Styles is only 21 years old. But he has been photographed a lot playing golf, and there are Titleist headcovers in his bag dating back to the 910 series driver. So technically, Styles could be 5 years into a relationship with Titleist, and Cameron.

Regardless of their friendship, it's pretty great to see different worlds clashing within the golf universe: Cameron in a Masters-logoed sweater, and Styles tatted up in a Harley Davidson T-shirt.