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Can you read Harbour Town's greens?

Our latest putting interactive puts your green-reading skills to the test.

When Pete Dye designed Harbour Town back in the late 1960s, he set off to differentiate this layout from other courses of the era—those featuring pushed up greens and tee boxes. At Harbour Town, you'll find subtle, low-profile breaks and features, which includes the greens.

Harbour Town features the second smallest set of greens on tour at 3,700 square feet on average (only Pebble Beach has smaller greens). That presents a challenge to tour players used to playing more aggressively to bigger green complexes. This is target golf at its finest.

The contours and undulations on Harbour Town's greens are tough, too, as you'll find out in the below game thanks to our partnership with StrackaLine.

See if you can read the greens like a tour pro by playing our game below.

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Test your green-reading skills on the greens at
Harbour Town Golf Links

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