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Happy Monday: Here's a painting of Phil Mickelson dressed as a 17th century Dutch cavalier

September 16, 2019

Phil Mickelson's foray into social media the past year has produced its share of art works. But the masterpiece—or should we say, Masters piece—that made the digital rounds on Monday takes that phenomenon to a new level.

Matt Landers is a painter specializing in oil canvasing. A fact we only know thanks to this thing of beauty:

According to the caption, Landers is putting together a series of Masters' champions seen through the prisms of "old masters" paintings. This Mickelson joie de vivre is an homage to Dutch painter Frans Hals' "Laughing Cavalier." Or, as Landers says with a nod to Phil's workout routines, the "Laughing Calf-alier."

"Activating the calves while painting has transformed my brushwork, especially in areas of high detail. Painting bombs," Landers says. "However, the initial inspiration was simply that I thought ‘The Laughing Cavalier’ was just a perfect way to sum up one of my boyhood hero’s personality and how he plays the game of golf."

This is Landers' second part of the Masters collection. His first? Tiger Woods riding a stallion.

We can only pray this leads to further golf-related works. Like the 2014 U.S. Ryder Cup team in "The Storm on the Sea of Galilee" or Jason Dufner as "Mona Lisa."

Matt, if you're reading this, our checkbook is heading your way. Write whatever number you want. We must have these.