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Your days of watching "Happy Gilmore" on Netflix are about to come to an end

December 15, 2014

Bad news, people. Very bad news indeed.

Netflix recently released its list of movies they plan to cut at the end of the year (they do this to make more room for new titles), and among the names is a true classic. "Happy Gilmore," the inspirational and uplifting comedy of hockey player-turned-golfer, will be unavailable to stream on Netflix starting at 12:01 a.m. on January 1st.

It's a bitter blow to the collective reputation of golf movies currently residing on Netflix, which will soon consist solely of terrible golf-horror movies and terrible golf-reenactment movies.

So enjoy it while you can, and in the meantime, enjoy this article by Ryan Ballengee on how the movie came to be, and after that, these five GIFs of Bob Barker beating up Happy Gilmore.