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Happy Friday! Here's a bikini-clad pro tennis player putting a boat in danger with a tee shot

December 09, 2016

We learned an important environmental lesson earlier this year when we posted a video of people playing bikini golf: If you're going to hit golf balls into the ocean, make sure they're biodegradable. But now, we've been alerted to a more logical rule to follow when hitting golf balls into open water: Make sure there's not a boat around.

Thanks to our friends at @golfballed, here's video of pro tennis player Nicole Gibbs hitting a golf ball into the ocean -- and putting people on a boat (not to mention the boat itself) in danger:

Fortunately, no one was hurt and everyone had a good laugh. And why not? The video was taken at Necker Island, a private island in the British Virgin Islands owned by Sir Richard Branson. How fancy!

Still, Nicole's caption brings us to a third lesson -- applicable no matter where you play golf: Don't forget to yell, "Fore!"