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Virginia Tech fan watching basketball, dancing and eating wings is the hero we deserve

February 20, 2020

At some point in elementary school, we all have to write a small report on someone who has inspired us. The selections vary drastically from Abraham Lincoln to Aretha Franklin to my personal hero (at the time) Steve Nash. Twitter wasn't around when I was in my prepubescent years, but there's no doubt in my mind that if it was and if I had seen the following tweet, this random person at Wednesday's Miami-Virginia Tech basketball game would've easily been my choice for the assignment.

In the third overtime of a hotly contested battle for NIT seeding, this VT fan still had the energy and endurance to support his squad and keep the hope alive. It doesn't matter that his team was trailing; he was going to give the Hokies everything he had. Jamming along to Wolfmother's "Joker and the Thief," this solitary hero flashed the dance moves of his generation all while holding a tray of chicken wings. Iconic.

This brings up quite a few questions... Where did he get the plate of wings? How is the security at Cassell Coliseum not cracking down on this when we can't even bring a water bottle into a high school gym? Did he eat all of those wings by himself or is he a team player? Most importantly, what sauces are we talking about here?

Despite not having all of the answers, we still know that this is a performance for the ages. Have you ever heard a better phrase than "Chicken wings and triple overtime?" That could be the new slogan for the United States. Put that in bold font in the Constitution.

We'll remember the highlights and final score—Virginia Tech ended up losing the game 102-95—for the days and weeks to come, but years from now, this will be what truly matters. A man living his best life while chowing down on some chicken.