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Four things to know before going to a group golf clinic

July 08, 2022
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The only person who should be helping you with your swing is a certified golf instructor, no matter how helpful your playing partners might think they are. Generally, there are two types of lessons: one-on-one and group lessons. Taking a lesson with a group of people is a different experience than having the total attention of an instructor. Group lessons tend to run on the mutual, excited energy of everyone there. You’ll meet new people, with different issues in their golf games. You can pick up unexpected tips as you listen to an instructor pinpoint an opportunity for improvement in another player, and you can make new friends, too.

Debbie Doniger, one of Golf Digest’s Best Teachers in New York, is hosting a female-focused group event at GlenArbor Golf Club, sponsored by Golf Digest. You can sign up for it here.

Here are four things Doniger says you need to know before going to a group lesson.

Be honest about your game

Come armed with your own knowledge on course management, shot making, short game and physical dysfunctions. If you have a clear understanding of what you know, it will help the lead instructor provide a more personalized experience. With different people and instructors present, there will be different explanations. So, your golf IQ should go up.

Don’t be nervous

Emotionally know that everyone who takes time out of their day to join a golf school format wants to improve, have fun in the process, and are equally nervous or anxious as you are.

Stay fresh

If you’re not used to working on your game all day, pace yourself. If you’re feeling fatigued, let your instructor know. You’ll get more out of the day by managing your energy than trying to do too much.

Take notes

Bring a notebook. At the end of each station, take notes that resonate with you in order to remember the keys for your own success.