Aces galore

Tour pro didn't know he made a hole-in-one at Mayakoba because nobody cheered

November 05, 2022

Orlando Ramirez

You remember the old saw about the tree falling in the woods? Well, how about this one: If a hole-in-one falls on the PGA Tour, and nobody reacts, did it actually happen?

For a little while on Saturday at the World Wide Technology Championship at Mayakoba, Greyson Sigg wasn't sure. On the 200-yard 10th, he needed just three hops and a little roll to make a hole-in-one, but while Golf Channel’s announcers reacted appropriately, it seems like nobody on the actual course did. There wasn’t a single cheer. Back on the tee, Sigg and his caddie were clueless. Watch:

While most players would be jumping up and down and high-fiving everyone in the vicinity, Sigg just peered after the ball, looked a little perplexed, and grabbed his tee. It wasn't until he and his caddie were on the green that they realized what actually happened. We'll call it the "silent ace." The crazy thing is, he didn't even get to pick up his own ball for his first tour ace! Scott Piercy did the honors there, and while it's not that big a faux pas, it definitely goes under the "minor party foul" category.

Sigg had a funny story to tell after the round.

"So, I birdied No. 9 and get up to 10 and I was like, you know, I might need to go to the bathroom here," he said. "So I hit my shot ... with a 7-iron pretty fast and I knew it was a good shot. We couldn't see it go in, no one really made any reaction. So, I threw my club to my caddie and I took off and I came in the locker room, went to the bathroom, and as I was walking out, one of the locker room attendants was like, ‘Great shot, hole-in-one,’ and I was, like, 'No way.'"

It was the second hole-in-one of the day at Mayakoba. The other belonged to Seamus Power, who holed out from off the green a ridiculous three times on Saturday if you count the ace (and why wouldn't you?):

Somehow, though, both of those bits of weirdness would have paled to what almost happened to Joel Dahmen, who came about an inch from making the second hole-in-one on a par-4 in PGA Tour history. Check out the most heartbreaking eagle imaginable:

Something strange is happening down in Mexico, but if these are the results, then bring it on.