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Greg Norman has life figured out, and he has the Instagram account to prove it

May 27, 2015

Look, not everything's perfect for Greg Norman. He lost those Masters. He's been through a couple of divorces. And he nearly accidentally cut off his hand last year. 

But in case you were wondering whether the Aussie has any time for fun, we again refer you to his fascinating Instagram account, which could double as a travel site for the rugged AARP set.

For instance, here's Greg fishing.


And here's Greg fishing some more.


Here's Greg walking his dogs on the beach, which is probably as good a time as any to remind you that Norman is 60 years old.


Here's one of several pictures Norman has posted aboard his private jet. The guy's a sucker for a well-constructed wing.


Here's that time Norman wrestled a sea monster to its demise (or something like that).


Once in a while Norman even manages to play some golf. Remember he'll be the lead analyst for Fox at this year's U.S. Open, so he's had to bone up on Chambers Bay.


And in the event 18 holes doesn't get his heart rate up enough, he's happy to slug it out on the tennis court.


The man is so virile, he feels compelled to give his blood some of the spotlight as well (This was from a recent blood test).


If they could bottle that stuff and sell it, they should.