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Green concerned about opportunities

April 25, 2010

SAVANNAH, Ga. -- Though he doesn't yet know whether or not he'll be physically or mentally able to play, Ken Green has already committed to the Mississippi Gulf Resort Classic next week. The RV accident that took the life of his girlfriend, Jeanne Hodgin, his brother, Billy Green, and his German Shepherd dog, Nip, happened on I-20 near Jackson, Miss. Green played his second round in the Liberty Mutual Legends, in which he and partner Mike Reid shot six under par, with Peter Jacobsen. "He went through rehab," said Green, referring to Jacobsen's hip and knee replacements. "He said the only way you're going to get better is keep playing. I'll see how tomorrow goes and then I'll figure it out. I wanted to see how this went. You got to go out and do it. Now I have my chances. I don't know what will happen, whether people will give me exemptions or not."

Green will be exempt until his birthday in July and thereafter he'll be dependent on sponsor's exemptions after the PGA Tour refused his request for a major medical extension. Because of the loss of much of his right leg, he's further limited by the nature of the golf course's terrain. "I could play the PGA Seniors in Des Moines and the Regents in Birmingham but the courses are too hilly," said Green. "I can't play them. So, my only chances are Mississippi and Dick's Sporting Goods and Montreal. Those are supposed to be relatively flat. I'll still get in those. After that (his birthday) it's not in my hands."

-- Jim Moriarty