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Greatest Walk In Golf: 16th At Cypress

January 15, 2010

Happy Friday. (There are five of them this month.)

If you're living in the North (and) East, life is like playing from behind an immovable object. Mid-January: the axis of the frigid evil. We're making our way draped in BIG coats, heavy sweaters and suffering from hot haunches. I'm driving around with my seat heater stuck at six; my southern plain is a scorched little Serengeti by the time I reach my destination. My other set of sticks are still zipped up in my travel bag, tucked under my bed since my last brush with the sun. All I can think about is splitting fairways in short sleeves and shorts.

As we get closer to the AT&T at Pebble Beach (lower your green fee), I drift back to my round at Cypress Point. It was over a year ago and I was even through six. It was magic, man. Then the wind picked up and I finished with a 90-something. And that was with a birdie at 18.

Anyway, to break up some psychological ice, here's the video I cut after I made the walk from the 15th green, through a tree tunnel, and onto to the 16th tee. It's no flammable car seat, but watching it heats my heart.

Have a great weekend. There are also five of those this month, which will happen again in May and October. So we have that going for us . . .

--Matty G.