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Graham DeLaet's beard is dead. Long live Graham DeLaet's beard

July 20, 2016

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Canada has given society four gifts, and four gifts only: Basketball (inventor James Naismith hailed from the Great White North), Ryan Gosling, Bloody Caesars and Graham DeLaet's beard. Sadly, that list has been whittled down to three.

After taking a month-long sabbatical from the PGA Tour to deal with anxiety issues over his short game, DeLaet has returned, and in strong fashion, finishing T-8 at last week's Barbasol Championship. But I noticed something amiss from DeLaet; chiefly, his world-renowned whiskers were gone:


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Upon seeing said photo of the weekend, I dismissed my eyes, chalking it up as a hallucination from sleep deprivation (waking up at 4 AM EST for the Open will do that to a man). Sadly, it appears it was no apparition, as the PGA Tour Tweeted this photo out celebrating DeLaet's invite to Canada's Olympic golf team:

I would say this is a tragedy on par with Tom Selleck shaving his mustache, yet given last week's performance at the Barbasol was his first top 10 since March, clearly DeLaet is no Samson. Still, a sad day for all facial hair aficionados.

Graham DeLaet's beard is dead. Long live Graham DeLaet's beard.