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Graham DeLaet disses USGA executive director Mike Davis on Twitter

June 17, 2015

We expected to hear golfers in the field at the U.S. Open complaining about Chambers Bay this week. But what about from guys not playing? And before the tournament even starts?

Introducing Grumbling Graham DeLaet. On Wednesday, unprompted, DeLaet offered this reasoning for why Chambers Bay is set up so difficult:

Harsh. Again, DeLaet isn't even in the field this week. When asked about that a few minutes later, here was his response:

OK, at least he admits that much. As a competitor, how could you not?

But back to DeLaet's dis of Davis, the USGA's executive director gets scrutinized at this time on the calendar every year. Yet, as Golf Digest's John Strege pointed out, Davis has a solid 2.8 handicap index and he plays out of Somerset Hills C.C. and Trump National Bedminster. We're going to guess he's broken 85 a bunch.

Not that that should matter. Is the U.S. Open usually the toughest test of the year for golfers? Yes. But why is that such a bad thing? And can we all at least wait until the tournament starts before we start passing judgement on this year's setup?