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Got a broom handle handy? That's all you need for some great golf exercises

February 16, 2024
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You might not want to spend money on a gym membership or go out and buy a bunch of stuff for your gym/garage, etc. That's fine. You don't need a huge financial investment to get in better shape for golf, says Shawn Balow, a Golf Digest Certified Fitness Trainer.

Balow says simple household items are often more than adequate to help improve mobility, stability, coordination and strength. And here's proof: Balow, who works with golfers at his gym in Florida, Tampa Strength, put together a simple four-exercise workout you can do with just a broom handle (or similar long bar): 1. Tall kneeling step-outs; 2. Pigeon stretches; 3. Dead bugs; 4. Reverse lunges with rotation.

These, excuse the pun, "mop moves" are designed to improve strength and mobility in the hips, core, mid- and upper-back—all key areas of the body golfers should focus on to improve technique and power in their golf swings. As a bonus, if you go through this circuit of four exercises with minimal rest between reps/sets, you also give yourself a cardiovascular boost.

In the coming months, Balow also will demonstrate exercises that are great for golfers using other household items such as a paper plate, a tennis ball and an elastic band. But for now, click on the video below to watch him demonstrate these great exercises for golfers.