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Good luck getting this NUDE photo of Greg Norman out of your head

July 14, 2017

Greg Norman has been really roughing it while horse riding through the Colorado mountainside in recent days. How do we know that? Because he had to take a bath in a lake. And how do we know that? Because he shared a photo of him taking a bath in a lake. A NUDE photo.

Without further ado, here's The Shark in the buff. Just be warned, it will be tough to get this image out of your head:

And here's Norman wearing some chaps a bit earlier during his travels. Don't worry, he wasn't just wearing chaps:

All kidding aside, Norman is jacked. Factor in that the two-time major champ and former World No. 1 is 62, and his physique becomes even more impressive.

But why share a nude photo with the world? Our guess is Norman felt snubbed by not being included in ESPN's "Body Issue" last week. Maybe next year, Greg.