124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2

Golfers Who Give Back: U.S. Women's Soccer Player Ali Krieger

By Craig Bestrom Photos by John Loomis
October 29, 2015

Ali Krieger is just getting started as a golfer, and one thing the U.S. Women's soccer star needs from tee to green is teammates. "I'm so used to playing a team sport, I could use their motivation and support on the golf course," she says. "I'm just not very good yet individually."

Krieger, 31, started all seven matches for the 2015 Women's World Cup champions, and while playing for the Washington Spirit in the National Women's Soccer League during the summer she spent a few evenings hitting balls at Topgolf in Northern Virginia.

Ali recalls winning her share of family putt-putt battles during Myrtle Beach vacations, but she's targeting some more lucrative golf competitions.

"I want to get good enough so I can play in Mia Hamm's golf tournament for her foundation and have an event of my own someday," Krieger says. "I'm so competitive, I don't want to go and just pretend I'm a good golfer."

Krieger is a global ambassador for Miracle Feet, an organization that helps provide treatment for children around the world who are born with clubfoot. The treatment costs, on average, only $250 per child. "I love kids," Krieger says, "and I really liked the idea of getting involved with something that was all about giving kids the opportunity to walk, run or maybe even play soccer someday." Ali also spends time with children through Garth Brooks' Teammates For Kids Foundation, and she's an ambassador for Athlete Ally, an organization committed to equality in sports regardless of your sexuality.