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When Bigger is Better

Are bigger muscles bad for your golf? A top trainer's answer

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Golfers often say they're hesitant to hit the weights too hard because they're afraid of bulking up, becoming inflexible and screwing up their golf swing. But Mike Boyle (@mbsc_online), one of the most respected strength trainers in the world, says that's nonsense.

"Not working out because you might get too strong is like not reading because you might get too smart," Boyle says. "It's not something to worry about."

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Boyle isn't suggesting that you add Olympic-style power lifts to your workout, but he does believe the biggest part of your fitness regimen should focus on improving your strength. Stronger muscles, he says, help protect joints and enhance, not hinder, flexibility. The more stable your body is, the more range of motion you'll have. Boyle recommends a push exercise, a lower-body exercise, a core exercise and a pull exercise. Here are four to try: