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GolferAid: Help in a can

October 18, 2011

Better golf through health and fitness has become a recurring theme, manifesting itself in myriad ways. GolferAid's contribution is a beverage to help with focus, endurance, balance, power and flexibility.


"We came up with the concept on the golf course," said Orion Melehan, who developed GolferAid in partnership with Aaron Hinde. "We have been taking supplements for soreness and other things while on the golf course and said, 'why don't we combine all the things we're taking naturally anyways and put it into a drink?' We thought the market for a drink was a natural progression of where and health and fitness was going."

They suggest drinking a 12-ounce can 15 minutes before a round begins and another can at the turn.

"Serious golfers are drinking water or Gatorade or Powerade," Hinde said. "We're mid-30s, close to 40, and not feeling quite as pain free as we did in our 20s. A lot of people are moving away from sugar. With efficacy in mind, this has almost three grams of supplements to aid various aspects of the golf game."

GolferAid contains only nine grams of sugar from its sweetener, organic blue agave. Among its supplements are glucosomine for joint health, epimedium for strength, B complex for energy and bilberry for balance. For a full list of its supplements, go here.

"It's been well received by head pros," Melehan said, noting that the renowned Olympic Club in San Francisco, site of the 2012 U.S. Open, is among their clients. The company, based in Pebble Beach, Calif., already has upwards of 60 courses on board.

GolferAid sells for $12 for a four-pack or $60 for a case of 24.

-- John Strege