Golfer hits stellar shot over pond, rewarded by group in front with special present

Very rarely do you gel with the group in front of you. Maybe they’re losing balls or playing too slow, but at a certain point, as you’re hitting terrible shot after terrible shot, you have to blame someone. Why not the golfers directly in your eye-line?

What we have here is an attempt to change exactly that. A gift of sorts from one foursome to another. And we hope this do-goodery sticks.

The Reddit r/golf post reads as follows: “I (40HC -not good- female golfer) landed here from 153yds over a pond and when I walked up on it the group in front of us left it like this for me.”

Such an impressive shot deserves a little present. And what’s better than a cold PBR? The answer to that is … not much.

“It was in a border town where I happen to play softball with the same gentlemen,” the original poster elaborated. “They were in the middle of a tourney and quite loaded on drinks. I suppose I should’ve shared all of the context in the post. It was just a fun day with fun people and a fun gesture.

“They were in their carts and leaving when they heard me hit they peeked over their shoulder and watched it roll and got excited and left the beer.”

A par-5 birdie is a nice feat, especially for a self-described “not good” golfer, so it’s good to see some camaraderie on the course after sticking it next to the pin over a pond.

Now, this isn’t regulation golf, but such a kind gesture will allow us to overlook any rules issues or grievances. This is what the sport is at its core—a bunch of mediocre athletes trying to hit one incredible shot and getting a little taste of glory when they do.

After one commenter wished that it was a Smirnoff Ice, OP showed that she’s not just a big-time shot-maker but a trooper as well: “Getting iced is my worst fear. It’s instant heartburn but rules are rules so I would’ve had to do it.”