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Golfer falls 18 feet in fairway sinkhole

March 12, 2013

Getting "gobbled up" by a hole is a pretty common phrase used to describe the plight of a struggling golfer. It's just not meant to be literal.

But that's exactly what happened in an odd and frightening story out of Waterloo, Ill., recounted here by Yahoo!.

According to the post, Mark Mihal, a 43-year-old golfer, was playing Annbriar Golf Course when he suddenly fell through the ground and into a sinkhole on the 14th hole. Mihal had been standing in the fairway when he fell some 18 feet.


Photo from Golfmanna.com

Fortunately, despite the big fall, Mihal's worst injury was a separated shoulder. Eventually, his playing partners, with the help of the course's general manager, were able to pull him back to safety.

Mihal happens to be the co-founder of a golf blog, golfmanna.com, where his wife wrote about the incident in greater detail. Something tells us this will be the website's most-read story.