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Golfer destroys club on range (again), gets in online argument about whether or not it was his fault

October 13, 2023

Mats Silvan

There are very few positives about showing a bunch of randoms your swing. At the very best, they’ll say “Hey, nice swing.” At the very worst, they’ll destroy your sense of self and force you to throw your laptop away out of fury. This story is the latter.

Redditor texastobaben jumped on the social media platform to post a driving rsnge mishap. He provided carry, yardage and ball speed stats, but also chunked the hell out of it, severing his clubhead in the process. The man was looking for sympathy but received hostility instead

“This is the second time this has happened to me on the range…” reads the post. The r/golf mob quickly jumped in to state what went wrong—specifically that it was user error and not a problem with the club. A back-and-forth quickly began.

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Having this happen a second time would probably be a sign for most golfers, but initially the poster refused to take the blame.

The clashes continued for quite some time until texastobaben finally admitted that he was probably at fault. “I... I think I'm coming around,” he stated. We’re proud that he acknowledged what happened and began to listen to the crowd on this one.

We’ve all been there—living by the sword and dying by the sword—but eventually we realize our follies and move on. One commenter broke it all down perfectly, “If you keep hitting the big ball before the little ball this is not going to stop.”