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This golfer's annual 'Year In Review' magazine is the stuff of legend

January 29, 2024

We all have that family member or friend who gets a bit carried away with their Christmas cards. Instead of cards, they become pamphlets stuffed with photos and rundowns of everyone's activities. Bobby played on his fifth-grade basketball team and scored in two games! Susie got straight A's again! Mom and dad—OK, we'll cut you off there, because no one cares.

Now in golf, there's a similar phenomenon because we all have golf buddies who talk way, way too much about their own games, insisting on going shot-by-shot through their rounds. Rounds that aren't even good! But now we've been made aware of a man who combines both of these things … and the results are surprisingly glorious!

Meet John Minnium, who we know from his golf 'Year In Review' is a member at the Vanderbilt Legends Club of Tennessee. That's right, his YEAR IN REVIEW. Apparently, John sends one out every year. And this thing is a freaking magazine. Have a look for yourself, and thanks to Ryan French, AKA Monday Q Info on Twitter, for sharing this work of art:

No, seriously. Thank you for sharing, Ryan. And thank you for putting this together, John. This is incredible! You'd think this type of TMI thing would be obnoxious, but it's so over-the-top that it's a delight to go through!

Look at those meticulously kept stats! And the fun photos of friends and wildlife! And even that Q&A at the end where John answers his own questions! It's all so good!

We're sorry to hear about John losing "15 percent more golf balls" in 2023, but we'll chalk that up to the unfamiliarity of playing a "CAREER-HIGH" 77 different courses. And apparently, John has 100 of these made every year. That's not cheap!

But it's well worth it. Heck, I'd trade all the Christmas cards I get every year for one of these. Well played, John. Here's to even more courses played—and fewer golf balls lost—in 2024.