The Front Nine


Geoff Ogilvy has a good thing going at Kapalua.

1. Geoff Ogilvy wins the SBS Championship.

So the 2010 golf season begins just like the 2009 season did. Let's hope it doesn't end the same way.

2. Tiger Woods' absence continues.

No one has seen him in about two months. Does anyone think there is a chance he's learning to play left-handed?

3. Report: Woods to finish his South Florida house.

He'll probably finish it, sure. The bigger question is: Will he ever live in it?

4. Report: Greg Norman and Chris Evert finalize their divorce.

In all the hubbub over Tiger Woods, we bet you forgot about that one, didn't you?

5. Recommendations to help close New York state budget gap include selling Bethpage State Park.

Just don't tell Donald Trump. Please.

6. Month-long cold snap brings golf in Scotland to a standstill.

But most Scots play 18 holes in about two hours. How would they ever get cold?

7. New John Daly reality show to debut in March on Golf Channel.

Daly's lost more than 100 pounds. Shouldn't he be on "The Biggest Loser" instead?

8. Revised development plan for Pebble Beach eliminates proposed new golf course.

We're not sure who is responsible, the environmentalists or the economists.

9. Canadian golfer Nick Taylor selected to carry the Olympic torch on its way to Vancouver.

What's the best grip for carrying a torch: interlocking or overlapping?