124th U.S. Open

Pinehurst No. 2


Sean O'Hair

By Bob Verdi Photos by Rudy Archuleta
September 28, 2009

*If you see a young guy with a big smile playing for the United States at the Presidents Cup, there's a strong chance that fellow will be Sean O'Hair. *

Grillroom:__ Are you pumped for Harding Park? __

O'Hair: Absolutely. My first time, playing for my country. I hear it's a blast. Plus, our captain is one of my heroes, Fred Couples. I've always wanted to swing like Davis Love III, and be like Freddie, who makes everything look easy.

Hasn't been an easy 2009 for you, but a good one.

Some tendinitis in my left forearm, since Colonial. It's bothered me on and off, but nothing serious.

Could be worse. Could have been a car accident.

Thanks. Thanks a lot for bringing that up. I wasn't going that fast. And this telephone pole just jumped in front of me. That was a while ago, anyway. I'm being more careful now, and the pole has been replaced. I paid for it.

What does a telephone pole cost?

Actually, insurance paid for it. The pole is right near my home, though, so my neighbors can remind me. And you. The O'Hair Pole. Knocked power out on the whole street for a while. Air bag inflated in the car, my teeth cut the air bag.

You have a thing with cars.

I like them, but it's not like I collect them. I do get bored with them, though, so I wind up changing them. Traded one in after having it a month. Don't make me sound like some spoiled rich kid now. Not true. I've got three children, and I'm 27. People ask my hobby. There's your answer.

You survived losing to Tiger Woods at Bay Hill in March.

Some people think you never recover from that. Fact is, if you play out here long enough, Tiger will do that to you sooner or later. You step in the ring against him, he's going to knock you out.

Everything has worked out for you, hasn't it?

There's lots more I want to accomplish, but yeah. I wish I was stronger. I see how muscular Tiger and Adam Scott and Camilo Villegas are. That helps them in the rough. Otherwise, I'm not trying to impress anybody. I'm flexible, rubbery. Don't need to look good at the beach. My wife likes me the way I am. I think.