Travelers Championship

TPC River Highlands


Lucas Glover


Next to the definition of "Southern Gentleman," you can find a picture of Lucas Glover. Loyal to alma mater Clemson, vintage South Carolina, through and through. Well, almost.

Grillroom:__ A New York Yankees fan?__

Glover: Yep. When I was a kid, my favorite player was Don Mattingly. I liked the Yankees even when they weren't winning.


Wouldn't walk across the street to watch a race. Not necessarily because I don't like it. I don't know it. Didn't grow up with it.

Clemson Tigers?

I'd watch them play checkers. If I'm not playing golf during the football season, I'll be at their games, home or road.

You majored in communications.

Yeah, never minded getting up in front of a class and talking. Or debating. Nothing serious. Nothing Ivy League. Boxers or briefs. Wasn't going to major in geology. We had a heck of a golf team at Clemson.

Where did you learn to play fast? Many golfers out of college don't.

I don't know. I've always played that way. Out here you have to slow down. It's the talk of every meeting. It's an issue. The practice range is for thinking. When you're out playing, just hit it.

What's the answer?

Biggest problem is guys not being ready when it's their turn. Fines don't mean anything. You have to penalize with strokes. But there's so much going on. Sport psychologists, pre-shot routines, picking a target, big money at stake.

Do you do everything quickly?

Well, not everything [laugh]. But I eat fast, walk fast. I can also sit still. I read a lot, murder mysteries. Crossword puzzles, every day. And on Sundays I can sit for football starting at noon and stay put till 11 at night. Saturdays I can watch the two smallest colleges play. Love it. Same with fishing, but I'm a 15-handicapper there.

Easier on yourself now?

Used to beat myself up 'til last year. We have 144 guys in a tournament, and how many millions wishing they could do what we do? Try not to take it home with me anymore.

To Jennifer and Iris?

Great wife, Jennifer. Not at all into sports. Iris, our dog, has been sick. Went from 11 pounds to 10.