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Golf training aids: Why the PuttOUT is one of our favorite tools to help eliminate three-putts

November 25, 2019

Putting mirrors have been around for years. But the PuttOUT is a unique take with a modern feel on the traditional mirror, because it works on many aspects of putting. First, the mirror makes it easy to see eye placement over the ball at address. The mirror also helps groove a repeatable stroke with its two plastic stroke-path guides.

In addition, a horseshoe-shaped putting gate is included with the mirror. Place the gate on the ground a foot in front of the mirror to see how easy—or difficult—it is to start putts on your intended line. Putt through without touching the gate, and you know you’re striking the ball with a square clubface.

The mirror can be part of a larger, at-home putting studio that includes PuttOUT’s Putting Mat ($90) and putting cup called the Pressure Putt Trainer ($30). The “cup” is actually a plastic ramp that rejects bad putts and sends good ones back to the putter. For the ultimate challenge, try to putt into the golf-ball-size hole in the ramp.

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For more PuttOUT training aids, check out the Golf Digest SELECT X PuttOUT Pressure Putt Trainer ($39.99)