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6 products to help you stay loose before off-season rounds

Off-season rounds are few and far between — golfers will do anything to take advantage of the sun emerging from behind those gloomy November clouds. But there’s one problem: when it comes time to play, warming up our rusty golf muscles can be more difficult than usual. We’ve all hit that first range ball and felt like we completely forgot how to swing a club, and to make matters worse, frigid winter temperatures can intensify muscle tension.

Stretching, staying loose, and waking up those muscles before your round is perhaps the only way to combat this frustrating phenomenon. Not only will your performance improve, but you’ll increase your flexibility and avoid the potential for injury. Here are six devices to help your body prepare for those scarce winter rounds.

Randy Myers Golf Stretching Pole

Working your way back to mid-season flexibility should be a key step in your muscle loosening process. The Randy Myers Stretching Pole made waves earlier this year when PGA Tour player Ben Kholes put his insane shoulder mobility on display as he used the device in his warm up. The versatile stretching accessory can increase your range of motion, balance, and speed if used correctly and consistently.

Brazyn Morph Foam Roller Collapsible

This Brazyn Morph Foam Roller is the perfect stretching accessory to keep on hand when you’re headed to the course. It’s lightweight and collapses to a size that can fit in your everyday bag or backpack. Whip out this useful device anytime to roll out almost any muscle on your body and prevent mid-round tightness.

SKLZ Resistance Band

Every golfer should own a resistance band, both for stretching and pre-round workouts. This travel sized product offers light tension to maximize mobility and strength. It’s 40” size allows for a variety of uses from building core strength to working your lower body muscles.

Theragun Mini

The portable Theragun percussive massage device is the perfect accessory for a quick pre-round, or even mid-round muscle treatment. Although the miniature model is small enough to fit in your golf bag, it maintains the power and motor to relieve stress effectively.

Posture Magic Massage Ball Set

This massage ball kit comes with six easy-to-use muscle rolling devices: a large foam ball, a small foam ball, a smooth lacrosse ball, a peanut ball, a spiky ball, and a hand exercise ball. Each item is meant for deep tissue massage and trigger point release, a perfect combination of benefits for off-season golf.

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager with Heat

Utilizing heat devices can be a great way to get your muscles loose while multitasking. This compact and portable electric massage pillow can get your body ready for a round of golf anywhere you go — it even comes with a car adapter so you can continue warming up on the drive over to the course.