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Golf shoes: An answer to the hot foot?

July 27, 2011

Allen Edmonds, a shoe company about whom we wrote in March ("Shoes that Hogan would have worn"), is pushing its Double Eagle golf shoe as a means of fighting the heat that has battered the country in recent weeks.


The Double Eagle, said to have been inspired by Gene Sarazen's famous double-eagle in the Masters, features a breathable wrap-around mesh upper. Yet the shoe, which does resemble something that Sarazen might have worn, retains its stylish look from the past.

"This breathability and the comfort of our cork lining becomes an advantage for a golfer who can walk about five miles over four hours while playing in this scorching heat," Colin Hall, chief marketing officer for Allen Edmonds said in a news release.

It comes in brown with brown mesh or black with grey mesh and sells for $345.

-- John Strege