Golf Pride Pro Only offers update, expansion on classic rubber putter grips

August 25, 2019

The new Golf Pride Pro Only grip series, a reboot of the classic, understated all-rubber putter grip, is a reminder of something we forgot we knew. While there’s been a buzz in recent years over wider, polymer-based putter grips to steady balky strokes or better line up with non-traditional hand positions, the fact is the traditional diameter grips, as seen in the Pro Only series, are still quite popular.

“Many people find it surprising that 70 percent of the Top 30 putters on tour prefer a smaller size putter grip,” said Bruce Miller, product manager, Golf Pride. “They prefer it because it allows them to gain greater feel, feedback and control. The new PRO ONLY putter-grip series enhances those marksman preferences with our new age materials, providing preferred shapes that have been trusted to win countless major championships.”

The new Pro Only models come in three options, each with a traditional size and shape with slight variances in the width of the flat top portion for the thumbs and the thickness and shape of the area where the top hand grips the putter. All of the models feature a new rubber formulation designed to provide enhanced feel.

The Pro Only Red Star uses a horseshoe shaped with an arched paddle on the front, while the top end of the grip features a slight pistol handle shape for positioning the heel pad of the top hand. It’s the smallest of the three options at 72 cubic centimeters and 74.5 grams.

The Pro Only Blue Star features a more angled profile with the widest, flattest paddle on the front. The back shape is geared to more comfortable finger position. It rests in the middle of the three grips in size and shape at 81 cubic centimeters and 82 grams.

The Pro Only Green Star utilizes an oval shape with an arched paddle on top for thumb placement. The back of the grip is flared in the section where the upper hand rests for improved finger placement. It is the largest at 88 cubic centimeters and 86.5 grams.

All three Golf Pride Pro Only grips will be available through club fitters and retail locations beginning Sept. 1.