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Golf in the Olympics

June 23, 2009

The jury is still out on the golf in the Olympics, with the decision to come within weeks. The PGA Tour, once skeptical, now leads the crusade to have golf added to the games. Our friend from Michigan, Justin Blair, is leaning "no", especially after watching the year's second major.


Dear Editor,>

No way should golf be an Olympic sport--and this is coming from a golf fanatic. Four- and-a-half majors; the Ryder Cup, Presidents and FedEx Cups; the WGC events... that's asking too much. Unless, of course, they use amateurs for the Olympic Games... which they won't. The USGA, PGA and R&A are interested in "growth" (or: How To Make More Money In An Already Expensive Sport) so I can understand their need to push so hard. It's too bad that Jack and Annika's integrity look compromised.


Justin Blair

Three Rivers, MI

Justin, there are those in leadership who see the game's growth as something separate from game's economics. They genuinely love the game and want more people, young and old, to play it. So I'm not quite sure I quite agree that growth necessarily makes the game more expensive. Although to your point, the present recession seems be initiating a correction in costs. Or, as the great Dan Jenkins has said, "There's nothing wrong with golf that a good depression won't fix." Thanks for your letter.

--Bob Carney