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Golf grips gone wild

Admit it, you've wanted to try those outrageously psychedelic pants from Loudmouth Golf but weren't sure you've got the game to pull them off. For those shy souls, there's an alternative: Loudmouth grips.


Forget technology—scour the company website and all you'll learn is that the grips weigh 90 grams and come in regular and oversize. But you're not putting these on your clubs to improve your score. It's the look that counts. Whether it's Paint Balls, Liar Liar, Captain USA or Lucky (top to bottom above) or other models such as Just Peachy or Shagadelic Black, these are sure to make any club an eye-popper.

Loudmouth is offering both swing and putter styles, the latter coming with a magnetic ball marker on the butt end. Lose the marker? No problem. Extras can be had for $4. The grips run from $11 to $25 each.

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