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Golf gambler forced to bet INSANE amount of money on PGA Tour longshot after tweet (badly) backfires

February 21, 2024

After a wild 24 hours on Twitter, one golf gambler has placed the bet of his life on this week's Mexico Open. Odds are, it will also turn into the most expensive week of his life, but if Carl Yuan can somehow win . . . wait a minute . . . Carl Yuan? Yep, Carl Yuan.

It all started with a Monday tweet promising an additional $5 wager on the 26-year-old Chinese PGA Tour pro per like received. More than 1,300 likes later, this guy, who appears to run a bar in Binghamton, was scrambling all over upstate New York to place $6,575 in wagers. Again, on Carl Yuan.

Have a look at the hilarious string of tweets. Well, hilarious for those following this wild betting saga.

That's rough. But good for this guy for being a man of his word. On Wednesday, he revealed the receipts that he indeed put that much down on Yuan. It just became much more of a challenge than he imagined due to personal betting limits on his normal betting apps and sportsbooks.

Leading him to some situations he didn't anticipate being in:

And winding up driving all the way to the Poconos to place the final bets on this longshot:

Look at all those betting slips! But he got the wagers in. And he later realized that he has a plan B. By accident. Due to mistakenly placing one bet on Aaron Baddeley. Whoops. Although it's easy to see how a mistake could be made amid all this chaos.

Incredible stuff. Anyway, in total he stands to win more than half-a-million dollars(!) after averaging 80-to-1 odds for all his bets on Yuan to win. Which wouldn't be the craziest result considering the recent streak of six consecutive PGA Tour winners of 100-to-1 odds or longer, and the fact Yuan has a pair of top fives in his past six starts.

Not to mention, the Mexico Open field isn't exactly what we just saw at Riviera. But, again, more than likely, this guy is going to lose a lot of money because of a tweet that backfired. Badly. If for some reason, however, he wins, well, then this barkeeper owes Golf Twitter a big round of beers.