The GrindDecember 16, 2013

Our Favorite Viral Videos Of 2013

From commercials to unusual shots, we count down our favorite 25 viral videos from an eventful year in golf

Where did the epic Woods-Palmer EA Sports commercial, "The Rumble," rank in our list?

Where did the epic Woods-Palmer EA Sports commercial, "The Rumble," rank in our list?

A lot happened during 2013 in golf, and fortunately, most of it was recorded on video. What clips stood out for you? We'd love to know -- not that it will change our minds. So, without further ado, here's our list of the 25 best viral golf videos of the year.

25. "Sammy The Squirrel"

Tiger Woods may have been the MVP of the U.S. squad at this year's Presidents Cup, but "Sammy the Squirrel" wasn't far behind. Here, the two meet, thanks to Woods' girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn. Something tells us Woods didn't take the little guy home with him afterward.

24. Rory McIlroy vs. the trash-talking robot

It wasn't McIlroy's best year of performances in tournaments, but he still managed to light up the screen with a handful of entertaining commercials. Here, he takes on a trash-talking robot.

23. Club pro makes SportsCenter

We tried to avoid great shots for this countdown, but when a club pro earns the No. 1 spot on ESPN's top plays, we'd say that's pretty viral. Congrats to Labritz on not only hitting the shot of his life to qualify for the PGA Championship

, but being lucky enough to have it caught on video:

22. Phil Mickelson falls on his butt at Pebble Beach

We love Phil, but seeing him fall while looking for a ball in the Pacific Ocean

was hysterical/amazing. Did he actually think he would hit a shot from down there? Oh, right, it's Phil. Of course he did.

21. Ben Crane makes fun of himself

Golf's surprising funnyman added to his collection of amusing videos

by making fun of his reputation for being a slow player. In the video, Crane sees a therapist about being slow at other daily activities like driving and brushing his teeth. We'd still like to see him pick up the pace on the course, but we love that he's willing to poke fun of himself on this issue.

20. Euro Tour player strips down to hit shot

What a year for Henrik Stenson. Not only did he become the first golfer to win both the FedEx Cup and Race to Dubai in the same year, but he's also not the only golfer known for hitting a shot in his underwear anymore. We present Andreas Harto:

19. Golf Boys "2.Oh" music video

Many have been critical of this group's musical/dancing talents, but we enjoyed its second music video

more than the first, thanks in part to a seemingly high budget. We also give these guys a lot of credit for being so comfortable in their own skin, especially considering none of them are what you would call physical specimens.

18. Jason Dufner's pep talk to Auburn football

This story just gets better and better. Dufner visited the Tigers before the college football season started to give a pep talk

to his alma mater, which went just 3-9 the season prior. Two miracle wins and another victory in the SEC title game, and Auburn finds itself a surprising participant in the national title game. Dufsanity! What can't this man do?

17. European Tour goes "Happy Gilmore"

It's surprising that the golf world had to wait this long for a well-done video incorporating Adam Sandler's unorthodox swing in the movie "Happy Gilmore." Better late than never. Two surprises from the clip? Padraig Harrington hitting a ball 328 yards

and Phil Mickelson not coming close to pulling off this trick shot.

16. James Hahn celebrates "Gangnam Style"

Jame's Hahn's surprisingly good version of Korean rapper Psy's "Gangnam Style" dance is just another example of why TPC Scottsdale's 16th hole is awesome. And while the PGA Tour has banned the famed caddie races that go on there during the Phoenix Open, Tim Finchem can't ban dancing. Wait, can he? We hope not. . .

__15. We're going streaking! __

The pictures of Presidents Cup streaker Kimberly Webster drew most of the attention, but the video was pretty good since it gave us a sense of her quickness. And yes, this would be much higher up on the list if the clip was better quality. Obviously.

14. Villanova's golf team gets creative

We still don't get what the "Harlem Shake" is, but we can still enjoy this. We'll give these college boys an 'A' in creative skills. Their parents will be so proud!

13. Tiger and Charlie

Woods' most impressive victory of 2013 -- a seven-shot drubbing at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational -- also provided us with his most candid moment of the season

. After finishing his final hole, Woods carried his four-year-old son, Charlie, who saw his father win for the first time. Awwww.

12. Sergio Garcia climbs a tree to hit a shot

Before Garcia was embroiled in controversy over his "fried chicken" remarks at Tiger Woods, he took creative shot-making

to a whole other level.

11. Romain Bechu's tricks

If superstar magician David Blaine got into golf, we'd picture his practice routine looking something like this:

10. Arnie and Kate

Yes, this is one of our own, but c'mon! It's Kate Upton giving Arnold Palmer a putting lesson!

__9. John Daly hits a golf ball out of a guy's mouth

in a dark Nashville parking lot__

Need we say anymore?

8. Tiger Woods vs. Rory McIlroy

Before Rory took on a robot (and his former management company among other legal battles in a rough 2013), he faced off with Tiger Woods in an "anything you can do, I can do better," Nike ad that became an instant classic

. The official video has more than 10 million views on YouTube.

7. The world's cutest golf rapper

We were fortunate to discover Caleb Corsa, aka "Caleb C," in 2013 and quickly dubbed him the world's cutest golf rapper

. We're not sure how official that title is, but we dare anyone to argue. Young Mr. C provided us with a trio of fun music videos. Here's his latest and best, "Puttin' 101":

6. Chi Chi takes one in the chi chis

This one involving Chi Chi Rodriguez doubles as the undisputed golf blooper of the year. If Rodriguez tried this a million more times

, he'd never pull it off again. Not that he -- or any guy -- would ever want to.

5. Jason Dufner's wedding day video

When we first heard Dufner had a wedding day video, we thought it was too good to be true

. Fortunately, we were wrong.

4. Tiger and Arnie rumble

Woods' five wins and four rules run-ins were nearly eclipsed by a slew of new commercials. But this one, involving Arnold Palmer and Lee Trevino

for Woods' video game, is the best. With EA sports ending their relationship with Woods, we won't see this one air on TV anymore. Thank goodness for YouTube.

3. Phil Mickelson hits cart path shot, gives lesson

The shot was classic Phil, but what he did after was even more memorable. Mickelson got up-and-down from a cart path for birdie at the WGC-Cadillac Championship and then turned his post-round interview into an instructional video

. He broke down the shot and even gave directions to Golf Channel producers to pause the clip so that he could better explain things to his audience. What a showman.

2. The shot of the year (At least, in our little world)

Don't remember this one? Golf World senior editor Mike Johnson needed to hole a chip on the final hole to tie his match and tie the Seitz Cup, an annual Ryder Cup-like competition between Golf Digest and Golf World. Spoiler alert: He did. Yours truly videoed it and added an excited, Gus Johnson-esque call usually reserved for Hail Marys that win the Super Bowl. Yet, for some reason, the clip hasn't appeared on SportsCenter yet. C'mon, ESPN, what are you waiting for?!

1. "We buy golf clubs!"

2013 was filled with plenty of commercials with big budgets, but our favorite was one that required no budget at all. Mike Mixson, the owner of Mike's Golf Shop

in Chattanooga, Tenn., pointed a camera-phone at himself and basically shouted the phrase "We buy golf clubs!" for about a minute. Brilliant.