Golf equipment truths: Why you should consider a higher-lofted fairway wood

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If you think fairway woods with more loft are for weaker players, tell that to Brooks Koepka, Adam Scott or Tony Finau. Fact is, about 15 percent of PGA Tour players have their strongest-lofted fairway wood at 16 degrees or higher.

Although tour players don’t have an issue elevating the ball, some believe the higher loft provides more height and produces a better distance gap between their fairway wood and hybrid or longest iron—something all players should be mindful of.

Plus, it’s still an effective club off the tee. Says Finau of his 17.5-degree Ping G410 fairway wood: “Anytime I feel like I need to put it in play, I can still get it down there. There are more tee marks than dirt on this club.”